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Travel User Guide for advice, tips and news on traveling

A new travel web site Travel User Guide publishes information, tips and news on everything related to travel. It is more focused on news, gear reviews, practical advice than top 10 beaches of Thailand kind of articles.

The latest articles on the site are:

– French and Spanish police are helping Portuguese officers to protect tourists on the streets of Lisbon
– A backpack is an essential piece of equipment for a traveler, but can it be a one-size-fits-all gear?
– Travel news recap: rail travel photos needed, free guidebook, traveling at home, dressing for a flight
– Instagram top 10: most photographed sights in Europe

Traveling in Scandinavia: tips and information from guidebooks, cultural guides for Nordic countries

The book Traveling in Scandinavia is a selection of chapters extracted from published travel guidebooks, cultural guides and even from a Nordic cookbook. As the publisher puts it: If something is missing, Finns will invent it (e.g. wife carrying competition), Swedes will sell it to the world (e.g. entire country available on Airbnb), and Norwegians will win the cross-country skiing world championship (again).

I didn’t know that there is a cookbook for engineers, and an entertaining one. It is more than recipes: how to organize a dinner, etiquette, and so on. Lapland has always been one of my favorites, and the book has an entire chapter on Nordkapp / North Cape which is nice. The West Coast in Sweden looks like a hidden gem that only the Swedes have discovered.

This book is all about the northern countries of Scandinavia: Finland, Norway and Sweden. Authors Kim Anton, Erin Dahl, Ari Hakkarainen, Kari Ojala, Russell Snyder and Soile Varis have contributed sections from their books to this collection.

If you are interested in the Nordic countries, and perhaps are thinking of visiting, Traveling in Scandinavia is a good book to start reading about the destination. The book includes plenty of pointers for things you may want to study further.

Free download

Traveling in Scandinavia is a free download for the moment, at least. You can get your copy from this page

I read the EPUB, and assuming that the Kindle edition has the same content, it comes with plenty of photos and maps.