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Tips for shooting action videos for YouTube

Professional stuntman H-P Virkki has written and directed a book that gives tips for skateboarders, BMX-bikers, martial arts experts, and everyone who wants to shoot video clips that include action. That’s right, he has written and directed a book Stunts, Scenes and Safety which means that there are video clips in the book.

It is uncommon to have a book that features video clips, but at the era of ebooks it is possible. In this case, including video material in the book is a wise decision because readers can actually see live clips what was talked about in the book.

I had an opportunity to review the Apple iPad-version of Stunts, Scenes and Safety, but the ebook is available for the Kindle and as an EPUB edition as well. The iPad edition is the nicest to read, browse and view, because of its well-designed layout, photo galleries and included videos.

You can read the book even if you are not interested in shooting your own videos at all. Here and there, throughout the book, the author drops tips on how to prepare oneself if you are truly committed to trying your skills as a stuntman. Getting into the business is very difficult, but some people make it every year.

The key learning for me from this books was that scenes – especially scenes that involve action – require planning and practicing. If more than one people are involved in a scene, it requires careful coordination as demonstrated in the book’s skateboarding scene.

The author H-P Virkki and his book on Stage 32
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Stunts, Scenes and Safety by H-P Virkki

Swing style Bungee jump off a bridge

When you travel you encounter pretty random people, events and things that you never expected. This event is one of them. We were hiking along a river canyon in Northern Europe when we heard loud screaming above us. Sure enough, someone had jumped off a bridge and was swinging above the river.

We took a break and decided to wait for the next brave girl who would perform her own Bungee swing jump. Two professional guys were operating the ropes on the bridge.

Looks like fun, and for some reason, not quite as daredevilish as a Bungee jump straight down.

Top 5 Nordic cities

Gothenburg is one of my favorite cities in Europe. Regarding Scandinavia, I would rank the top 5 Nordic cities like so:

1. Copenhagen, Denmark
2. Gothenburg, Sweden
3. Tromsö, Norway
4. Turku, Finland
5. Uppsala, Sweden.

Here is a travel guide book video trailer for Gothenburg:

Book details here.

My favorite places in Gothenburg:
– Haga. A lovely old neighborhood.
– Slottsskogen. A large park in the outskirts of city center. Features a small zoo.
– The canals. Gothenburg was originally protected by walls and canals. The walls have disappeared but the canals still circle the old city center.