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How to avoid typing web addresses on the phone keypad?

  • Launch the Internet browser on your phone.
  • Type avecmobile.com/links into the address bar, push Go and you will be redirected to this page.
  • Bookmark the page.




Editor's Picks for Useful Mobile Resources


GameJump - Free games: gjmp.tw


Gmail - Email: m.gmail.com


Google - Search: www.google.com/xhtml


Moblr - Videos for phones: www.moblr.com


New York Times: mobile.nytimes.com


Partners in Rhyme - Free MIDI ringtones:



Pocket-lint - Gadget news and reviews:



Pod lounge - Podcasts: mobile.thepodlounge.com


Wordpress - Blog service: m.wordpress.com


Tiggdo - News feed reader: wap.tiggdo.com



Let the Camera on Your Phone Take You Directly to a Web Page

Point the lens of your camera phone at the bar code below. The phone will automatically display the related Web page without you having to enter the address into the phone's Web browser. You must have a piece of software on your phone that can scan and decode the bar code.


Avec Mobile



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